Cook ‘N Truffle

Cook ‘N truffle is a new innovation from Plantin House for a delicious Truffle add to your preparation!

Cooking recommendation:
For meat and fish: at the end of the cooking, add a spoon of Cook ‘N truffle into the pan and baste your piece of meat/fish with it to spread the Truffle flavor.
Replace the usual fat you add into your pasta, rice or mashed potato once cooked for a spoon of Cook ‘N truffle. Use approximately 10g per person.

Net Weight: 200g

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Vegetable fat (copra oil) 95%, natural aroma, antioxidants : rosemary extract and tocopherol-rich extract, dried summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum) 1%, butter aroma, colorings : annatto and curcumin.


Vegetable Fat solidifies when kept in a cool place. Keep the jar out of the fridge to have it ready to use. Mix well before using for the truffle to blend with the fat.

Cook 'N Truffle