Château des Laurets

Specific Series of exclusive bottles made by the glass artist Gilles Chabrier.
Based on the request of Ariane de Rothschild who wanted to celebrate the Vine, Gilles Chabrier, master craftsman, artist, glass engraver and sculptor – also a member of the Grands Atelier de France – designed and crafted these magnificent bottles that enhance the exceptional 2015 Chateau de Laurets Selection Parcellaire Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

The interlacing vines leaves and branches, both stylized and embossed, embrace each bottle of the 36 magnum and 36 double magnum. Not a single one is embossed with the same design, thus composing a collection of unique pieces.
Gilles Chabrier interprets here the human role in the world of wine with the pewter threads entwining the bottles, stylized reflections of the cords that hold the vine as it grows high in the vineyard.
Perfectly transparent customized box divulge the beauty of the magnum. The boxed protect the wine from ant vibration, vibration, variation in temperature or ultraviolet rays, allowing it to improve with age until the idea moment for tasting. These recyclable boxed are part of the sustainable development policy of Edmond de Rothschild Heritage.


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