027 Jalapeno Chilli – Organic, dried, fruity

JALAPENO CHILI makes many of us think of Tex-Mex, the exciting mix of Mexican and Spanish food that Tejanos – Texans of Mexican descent – developed in the late 19th century. Tortillas, nachos, and burritos are some mouth-watering examples that are appreciated by more people than those who live in the Lone Star State.
Rivsalt’s green JALAPENO CHILI [Capsicum Annuum] is grown in Spain. The taste is mild, round, and fruity with a heat around 5,000 Scoville units. Sprinkle grated jalapeño over meat dishes such as chili con carne and goulash, season the cheddar cheese sauce and grate jalapeño over your homemade pizza. Jalapeño chili is mild enough to suit most dishes and hot enough to make a difference.

Net Weight: 25g

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027 Jalapeno Chilli - Organic, dried, fruity