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  • Nestled inside a magnificent presentation box are twelve 20g jars of legendary Petrossian caviar – four each of Classic Ossetra, Royal Transmontanus and Daurenki. Each jar is crowned by a golden dome that glows like precious Tiger’s Eye.

    Serve one jar to each of your guests and bring a touch of sophistication to your next gathering. Twelve petite caviar paddles accompany the keepsake jars.

  • Discover our Red King Crab Merus meat of the Kamchatka Red King Crab. Petrossian has selected the fleshiest, largest, most flavourful piece of crab meat, also known as ‘Merus’. This is the biggest knuckle, which is the part of the crab leg that’s closest to the body. It’s an extraordinary product with a spectacular flavour that’s unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. Purists like to enjoy it on its own to savour its true flavour. It can also be served in a salad or in any type of warm or cold recipe that you can conjure up with your imagination.

  • The Red King Crab shoulder meat comes from the Kamchatka Red King Crab, the largest living crab in the world. We’ve selected shelled shoulder meat that’s firm, white in the middle, and deliciously salty. You can use it to liven up salads or other warm or cold dishes, or even enjoy it as finger food.

    Alverta® Royal caviar is famous for its strong, briny flavour, making it the star of your dish. Coming from the Russian sturgeon or white sturgeon, the famous North American Acipenser transmontanus, Alverta® Royal caviar is by far the most intense caviar.
    Aged to perfection, the colour of Alverta® ranges from bronze to black, similar to Ossetra, and has an assertive, briny flavour that works wonderfully in any dish. It’s the perfect way to give a dazzling, iodized touch to your recipes.

    Alverta® Spécial Réserve® is the best of the best in Russian sturgeon and white sturgeon reserves. This caviar has an intense brightness, a fruity, marine flavour with notes of sweet almond, and a rolling texture. With a colour that ranges from light to dark brown and an intense flavour with a long finish, Alverta® Spécial Réserve® caviar has an unrivalled personality.

    The benchmark for caviar excellence. Alverta® Tsar Impérial® is a caviar with a dark caramel colour, a texture that melts in the mouth, a long finish and a crisp briny flavour with amazing complexity. The Tsar Impérial® Petrossian caviars are selected for their complexity of flavour and persistence, satisfying even the most demanding of caviar lovers.

  • The Art Déco caviar tasting spoon is the ideal utensil to serve and taste caviar in style. It was made to match our line of Art Déco servers. The tasting spoon has a silver-plated metal handle and a silver-gilt tip.

    Discover our Baeri Baïka® Royal Caviar, a briny caviar with small, delicate, brown eggs. It gives a strong first impression in the mouth with a dominant fruitiness, mineral notes and very little brininess. Baïka® comes from Baeri sturgeon that’s been farmed in France. The ‘Royal’ Petrossian selection guarantees a full-bodied, rich caviar that will impress you and your guests from start to finish.

    Baeri Baïka® Spécial Réserve® caviar comes from the Baeri sturgeon, also known as the Siberian sturgeon. This species is farmed in France and throughout the world. Black with beautiful golden highlights, this caviar sways between strong, briny flavours and nutty, mineral notes. Endowed with a tender texture, Baeri Baïka® Spécial Réserve® caviar has a beautiful intensity and a long-lasting finish.

    Baeri Baïka® Tsar Impérial® French caviar comes from the Baeri sturgeon, reared in Aquitaine. This complex and powerful caviar has a dark grey to black colour. It has iodine and mineral flavours with fruity accords, bringing a real sensation of freshness in the mouth.

    An iconic name, a unique character. Beluga Royal caviar has a distinctive profile that cannot be found anywhere else, thanks to its characteristically large, soft eggs that range from light to dark grey in colour. The complex flavours and length of finish are what makes it a very exclusive gift we can ever give. These are not just eggs, but a little bit of magic harnessed in one mouthful.

  • Black Truffle Crackers are perfect for accompanying pre-dinner drinks and will bring a delicious truffle flavour to such gatherings. They are made in Anjou using traditional methods. This environmentally-responsible recipe is an exclusive creation of La Truffe by Petrossian. Thin and crunchy, these crackers can be eaten plain, or with a spread, such as truffle tarama, for example.

    Weight: 100g

  • The black truffle mustard is produced in France in the Luberon according to a recipe developed by Petrossian. It is very spicy and flavoured with 3% real black truffle Tuber melanosporum. Enjoy it with grilled meats, fish, roast chicken or fried potatoes.

    Weight : 90g

  • Black truffle soy sauce is one of the latest innovations from Maison Petrossian. An essential ingredient in Asian cuisine, soy sauce is the perfect seasoning to elevate rice-based dishes, marinate meat and fish, enhance vegetable stir-fries or deglaze roast dishes. The aromatic subtlety of infusing soy sauce with black truffle lends it a delicious, gourmet, umami character.

    Size: 100ml

  • Discover our Bortch, a Russian specialty that’s been a part of our online delicatessen for many years. This Russian soup is made out of beets, the star ingredient in this recipe, as well as other vegetables (carrots, white cabbage, onion), and seasoned with a hint of spices. This traditional Russian soup can be simply reheated in a pot, on low heat until it reaches the perfect serving temperature.

    Weight : 750g

  • Capers in extra virgin olive oil are the must-have of Southern cuisine. The capers are preserved in olive oil to concentrate their sour, slightly bitter flavour that pairs perfectly with mayonnaise, tapenade, tartare, and any kind of salad. This Southern speciality is also a great match for Petrossian smoked salmon.

    Weight: 240g