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  • To spruce up sauces and vegetable dishes

    It can be used to enrich sauces, dressings and mustard and dishes with green vegetables. Should be added at the end of cooking to make the best use of the fine aroma.

    Net Weight : 15 g

  • It consists of small flakes of Nori seaweed, sea lettuce and the beautiful red dulce and is a great addition to fish dishes, pasta, bread or homemade sushi. Mix with sesame, herbs, salt or oil. A light and spicy taste of salt and sea, this herb mix can also be used as a supplement for table salt.

    Net Weight :16g

  • Classic South-French herb mix for the savoury kitchen

    This classic herb mix typical of the South of France consists of organic herbs like savory, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano and basil. This sweet aromatic mix is widely used in the Mediterranean kitchen for grilled foods, stews, soups and sauces. It can be added directly to the food before or during cooking and as a topping on pizza, bread or salads.

    Net Weight : 25g

  • Aromatic herb with flavours of thyme and lemon.

    Lemon thyme, as the name suggests, is a lemon-scented herb. It can be used as an aromatic garnish or a fragrant spice that imparts a slight tangy flavour of lemon and thyme to your savoury dishes. It can also be used like regular thyme, and blends well in most types of meat, fish and vegetable preparations. You could also use this scented herb in desserts with baked or marinated fruits.

    Net Weight : 18g

  • Marjoram is known for its mild avour with notes of citrus and sweet pine, and it adds depth to any tomato-based dish. It is also ideal for use in pasta dishes, atop pizza, in veggie balls and meatballs and for seasoning vegetables, soups, sh or beans.

    Net Weight : 15g

  • Thyme is an incredibly favourable spice that suits virtually all types of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. It teams well with herbs like bay leaves and rosemary in soups and marinades. It is an excellent with juniper berries in wild game dishes. Thyme can also be used to flavour oven-baked or roasted root vegetables.

    Net Weight : 25g