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  • An excellent gift idea for spice and snack lovers, this Dukkah kit contains 2 Dukkah blends and 1 sesame oil packed in a nice gift box with inspiration card, which says what Dukkah is and how you can eat your Dukkah.

    1 can of Red Dukkah
    1 can of Green Dukkah
    1 bottle of Dukkah oil
    1 Dukkah inspiration card

  • COLOMBO CURRY has a beautiful hue and a strong aromatic taste. Colombo curry accompanied the Sri Lankans to the Caribbean and was adapted to the Caribbean palate. This multifaceted blend can be used in all classic Danish ‘karry’ dishes, but is also suited to fish with fresh lime and ginger, coconut milk curries and even as a dipping sauce.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Five Spice is one of the most popular and classic spices in Asian cuisine and incorporates five flavours of the Chinese cuisine – sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty. The light anise-like taste is a hit with both children and adults.

    Five-Spice is immensely suited to duck, where it can be used in a marinade brushed on the duck, and as a rub on the duck breast. Five Spice can also be used in cakes, especially for the classic Christmas charm that the spice lends to chocolates and other confectionery.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Flaming Dust won the first prize at The Danish BBQ Championship in the “Best Grill Rub” category.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • The Garam Masala spice blend can be used for many Indian dishes. It goes very well with other spices and gives Indian food a classic flavour.

    Add the Garam Masala to your food after cooking it, to ensure better flavour development.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Luxury blend for homemade Mexican food

    Gringo is perfect for creating a delectable filling to pack in your tacos, tortillas, cabbage or salad wrap. It can be used to season meat, fish, vegetables and beans. You could also mix it with chunky ​​salsas, creams or slaws and fresh greens and herbs. Use 1-2 teaspoons of spice per 250g of filling and add salt as desired.
    Gringo is also excellent in tomato sauce or meatballs, on a grilled pork chop or with roasted potatoes.

    Net Weight : 55 g

  • Happy Roots is an organic spice mix that Mill & Mortar has developed specially for root vegetables. Using five different herbs along with chili and sesame to spice up all kinds of root vegetable dishes, as well as mash, rösti, veggie steaks or as a sprinkled spice on French fries.

    Net Weight : 45g

  • KANDYAN CURRY consists of all the best spices that Sri Lanka spice gardens have to offer.

    Mill & Mortal spice products are a result of sustainable and organic goodness and meet the highest quality standards. Curry means sauce with vegetables in Tamil, and these classic food preparations are getting increasingly popular in national and international cuisine.Developed a warm and aromatic curry blend that leaves a full and rounded sensation on your taste-buds without scalding your tongue.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Mermaid’s Bite has won the first place in the “Best Grill Spice” category at The Danish BBQ Championship.

    Mermaid’s Bite has a fresh and sublime flavour that marries well with fish, grilled vegetables or light meat. This blend has notes of mint and citrus on a base of green fennel, coriander and three kinds of seaweed. The “bite” comes from a touch of chili. Can also be used to enhance fish-fingers, fish cutlets, soups and breads.

    Net Weight : 40g

  • Revive pasta, noodles, fish and soups

    Mill & Mortal inspired by Caribbean’s colours and flavours to develop a spice mixture that both children and adults can enjoy.
    The spice blend has notes of lemon thyme, nutmeg, garlic and allspice and can be used to flavour pasta, noodles, rice or chicken.

    Use as a rub on white meat or in a simple sauce that binds pasta, rice or noodles before serving.

    Net Weight : 55g

  • Try Rose Harissa as a base for soups or stews, or sprinkle it onto your vegetable, meat or fish dishes before cooking.

    In Rose Harissa, you’ll find 3 types of chili, fennel, cumin and coriander, along with a dash of true cinnamon and rose petals.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • A spice mix for anyone who likes a powerful BBQ rub. The slightly-smoked aroma of Spanish paprika gives the meat that special, ‘grilled outdoors’ flavour.

    Smokey Sally can be used as a spice rub on all light meats, in a simple marinade made of oil, vinegar and salt and is excellent for pulled pork.
    For grill, oven or stir-fry.

    Net Weight : 50g