• IGP certified black pepper from Penja Valley – arguably the best black pepper in the world.

    The black peppercorns from Cameroon have a fresh spice aroma with forest undertones of wood, musk and smoke. The taste is refined and strong, with a round and warm finish. Black Penja is extremely suited to dishes with eggs, prawns, lamb and goat and even cheese and strawberries. Considered by many as the best black pepper in the world, this IGP certified black Penja is a great addition to the Christmas/Easter table.

    Net weight: 50 g

  • Organic black pepper from Sri Lanka, intense and full of soul, perfect for cooking and refining dishes in any kitchen. Whole berries in an air-tight tin.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Cayenne pepper is strong (between 30,000 to 50,000 on the Scoville scale) and even finely ground powder should hence be used in small amounts.

    Net Weight : 45g

  • As vibrant in flavour as they are in colour, Mill & Mortar’s Organic Pink Peppercorns have a glorious floral and fruity sweetness balanced by a spicy bitterness. These can be dropped whole into a gin and tonic or cocktail; crushed into dressings, stews, curry pastes and sauces (particularly creamy ones); or used to decorate soft cheese, homemade chocolate truffles, salads, steak or simply cooked fish and steamed vegetables.

    Net Weight : 25g

  • Beautiful salt – sweetness and herby taste

    The beautifully coloured red wine salt is tinged by the herby taste of rosemary, sweetness of rose and lavender and a hint of warmth from sweet chili. Makes a wonderful table salt and is ideal as a rub for leg of lamb, chicken or a roast. Or for adding a bit of decadence to something as simple as a piece of good bread with olive oil.

    Net Weight : 70g

  • Magnificent classic black pepper from Cambodia

    Only about 10% of the pepper harvest in Sre Ambel receives the premium First Quality tag. This pepper has eucalyptus tones, and the flavour fits poultry and meat in all Asian and classic French cuisine.

    Net Weight 50g

  • Intense and elegant white pepper from the forest gardens of Sri Lanka

    White pepper has a more intense flavour than black pepper. Unlike black pepper, white peppercorns keep developing until the berries are red, after which they are rinsed in water until the outer shell drops off and the inner white pepper pearls emerge.

    This white pepper is of woodland harvest from the Thysmada area of ​​Sri Lanka.

    Net Weight : 50g