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  • With its origins amidst the towering mountains of eastern China, our
    intensely refreshing Emperor’s Green begins its creation with beautifully delicate leaf buds plucked in spring. Smooth and sweet, this Jiangsu green tea is hand-rolled into spirals by masters of the craft, and noted for its brightness, fresh fragrance and enduring aftertaste.

  • Our Gourmet Collection Originals are also available together in a set of 5 mini-caddies. A real voyage of tea discovery in one exclusive set. Includes Majestic Himalaya, Prime Darjeeling, Rare Assam, Special Formosa and Supreme Jasmine

  • From the remote Himalayan highlands, this is a smooth gourmet tea with a crisp finish, noted for its fine aroma of flowers, wild grass and fragrant muscatel. Majestic Himalaya’s subtle character and lingering, silky taste earn its place in the Gourmet Collection.

  • Light and complex, our Prime Darjeeling is an award-winning Indian tea which exudes delicate fruit and flower aromas.A distinctive pale amber colour and hints of muscatel grape are some of the characteristics which denote this fullbodied highland tea, plucked with care during the prized second flush.

  • Picked at just the right moment, our second-flush Rare Assam is instantly
    eye-catching due to its richly golden tips. Tastes of malt and the seductive aroma of sweet brown sugar make this full-bodied tea a blend of true repute. Its flavour is unmistakable, and lingers all the way to a satisfying conclusion.

  • In its native Taiwan, this light-green tea is known as Pi Lo Chun, and recognised
    for its curled jade leaves. The sweet, heady aroma and honeyed taste of our rich Special Formosa are just part of its appeal. This complex tea is commendable for both its floral hints and prolonged finish.

  • From the highlands of China’s Fujian Province, this superior spring harvest
    tea is imbued with the captivating fragrance of jasmine flower. Sweet and full-bodied with a floral dimension, this award-winning tea is much prized and noted for its silky, lingering finish.