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    Its distinct yet refined taste and wonderfully creamy texture are great additions to a sandwich or salad as well as your favourite casserole or cheese platter. This particular cheese contains tiny tyrosine crystals (amino acids) which can subtly be tasted adding depth of flavour. It is therefore no surprise that connoisseurs prefer this cheese for its unique taste.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel

    As an aged cheese, tyrosine crystals (amino acids) can be tasted subtly. It is a sign of excellence to have these evenly distributed throughout the body of the cheese.

    Its firmness allows it to be served at room temperature for hours without losing its beautiful golden appearance. This makes it a perfect cheese for a cheese platter in combination with a soft-ripened, blue and other more flavourful cheese varieties.

    Weight : 250g, 1/4 of wheel

    Eaten for breakfast, on a sandwich for lunch and often used as a dinner ingredient. This makes Beemster Medium the most versatile in the Beemster line.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel

    Fresh and delicious, this young cheese shows the sweet richness of Beemster’s milk and is great for eating plain, on sandwiches or melting. It is an all-natural cheese for a delicious lunch or as a snack to cube and serve on the go.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel


    Beemster Royaal is like a piece of gold that melts on your tongue. Due to its special recipe a unique cheese has evolved with a wonderful smooth creaminess. Its slightly nutty and slightly sweet taste leads you to an overwhelming tasting experience.

    Beemster Royaal is wonderful to suggest to shoppers who are interested in expanding their horizons of specialty cheese beyond the basics. Its uniquely sweet flavour attracts children more than any other cheese yet satisfies more advanced consumers who have a long history with specialty cheeses.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel

  • A full bodied and intense flavoured cheese with maturation crystals in full development.
    This cheese has a beautiful combination of aromas and has an exquisite and powerful taste.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel


    This cheese is revered by cheese connoisseurs for its rich flavours of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan. The XO® has been aging naturally in historic warehouses and due to the unique milk and craftsmanship, it stays creamy while developing flavour. As the longest aged Beemster cheese, there are normally tyrosine crystals (amino acids) in the cheese itself that result in “crunchies” that consumers often look for when purchasing an aged product.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel