A weekly collaboration between FFC and the Chefs who we value most. Over the last 5 years, Greek Luxury Products first and Fine Foods Collection now has had the privilege of working hand-in-hand with some of the greatest chefs and culinary talents in the industry. Along the way, we’ve met those many hardworking cooks, servers, and porters all who play a pivotal role in the success of this community. Without them, the future of this industry is in jeopardy.

Beginning today, FFC will be launching a weekly collaboration series with a different partnered Chef. Every week, partnered Chefs from around the country and internationally will curate a list of their favorite FFC ingredients. This curated list will be available at 20% off and at the end of every week and FFC will match an additional 20% in the form of donation to a good cause.

Chef’s Dinner at Thama Tinos

Chef’s Dinner at Thama Tinos was one of the top gastronomic events of the year.Τhe dinner took place at Thama Tinos Restaurant on the island of Tinos at July 1st. Ten chefs from 10 different countries gave their magic touch to an unprecedented dining experience. Fine Foods Collection was so proud to have the opportunity to sponsored the event.

Meet the Chef’s : Dimitris Katriversis from Greece, Giorgio Diana from Italy, Marco Mueller Rutz from Germany, Miles, Watson from New Zealand, Jacob Jan Boerma from Netherlands, Akrame Benallal from France, Przemyslaw Klima from Poland, Stefan Heilemann from Switzerland, Xavi Donnay from Spain, Ebbe Vollmer from Sweden.